350 businesses to attend second Vietnam International Logistics Exhibition

VOV.VN – As many as 350 local and foreign firms are anticipated to join the second Vietnam International Logistics Exhibition (VILOG 2024), with the event scheduled to run from August 1 to August 3 in Ho Chi Minh City, heard a seminar held on May 14.

Upon addressing the event, Tran Thanh Hai, deputy director of the Agency of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Industry and TradeTran Thanh Hai, emphasized that Vietnam is thought to have bright prospects ahead for accelerating the development of the logistics service industry.

Specifically, the country boasts a system of road traffic infrastructure, airports, seaports, warehouses, and logistics hubs which have been constantly expanded on a large scale.

Furthermore, Vietnam has seen significant improvements in terms of customs clearance procedures for exported goods and accompanying services, which have met the diverse requirements of the market.

According to Standard Chartered’s latest forecast, Vietnam will be one of the main actors in contributing to global trade growth with export turnover reaching US$618 billion by 2030, as well as an annual growth rate of 7%.

Most notably, Vietnam has been classified in the group of 10 countries with the world’s top e-commerce growth rates, according to Statista.

The VILOG2024 is expected to further accelerate the development of the logistics service industry, thereby attracting greater levels of foreign investment, transferring technology, training human resources, and establishing a green ecosystem in the logistics sector, he noted.

Meanwhile, Dao Trong Khoa, standing vice president of Vietnam Logistics Services Business Association, stressed that, “Going green” is no longer a trend but a mandatory requirement for logistics firms.

Vietnamese businesses are therefore required to maximise their advantages to turn green transformation into a driving force in a bid to improve their overall competitiveness whilst developing brands towards more sustainable and comprehensive development in business activities, Khoa added.

The event is anticipated to provide an ideal platform for logistics businesses to put forth advanced technological and strategic solutions that prioritise sustainability, which in turn will promote green transformation throughout the industry, he noted.