Vietnam International Logistics Exhibition 2024 to open in Ho Chi Minh City in August

The Vietnam International Logistics Exhibition 2024 (VILOG 2024) will take place from August 1-3 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Centre in Ho Chi Minh City.

Under the theme “Green Logistics – the Foundation for Sustainable Development,” the event is aimed at the most pressing challenges of our time – sustainability in logistics, and will gather key players, innovators, and stakeholders from across the globe.

Building on the accomplishments of VILOG 2023, VILOG 2024 promises to be even more impactful and comprehensive with an expected 480 booths and 350 exhibitors filling 9,000 square metres of exhibition space.

Vietnam International Logistics Exhibition 2024 to open in Ho Chi Minh City in August

A seminar was held on May 14 to announce VILOG 2024

VILOG 2024 will showcase innovative approaches to green logistics across five key sectors: transport & forwarding, smart warehouses, cold chain, logistics IT, and air cargo. It will feature an innovation showcase where pioneering logistics startups and established companies can demonstrate their game-changing solutions.

The event seeks to catalyse changes by showcasing cutting-edge solutions, technologies, and strategies that prioritise sustainability. From renewable energy integration and efficient transportation systems to waste reduction initiatives and eco-conscious supply chain management, the exhibition will offer a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in green logistics. Attendees can expect a dynamic line-up of exhibitors, seminars, and networking opportunities designed to foster collaboration and drive innovation.

The event will also include a knowledge-rich series of seminars and workshops. As a vital component of this groundbreaking event, these sessions have been thoughtfully curated to offer attendees a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the ever-evolving world of logistics.

Specifically, a transformative seminar with the topic “Vietnam Customs Digitally Transforms, Promoting Logistics Development and Trade Facilitation” will be held on August 1, serving as a platform to explore the multifaceted implications of Vietnam’s digital customs evolution. In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, Vietnam’s customs agencies stand poised at the forefront of digital transformation. By embracing digital solutions, the agencies aim to catalyse logistics development, enhance trade facilitation, and propel the nation towards greater competitiveness on the world stage.

The “Air Cargo Digitalisation and Sustainability” workshop on August 2, with the participation of experts from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Airfreight Institute, the Advisory Bodies on Technology and Information of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA AFI, ABIT), and the Sustainable Development and Digital Transformation Group of the ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Associations (AFFA S&D).

During the workshop, experts will discuss innovative technologies and best practices to enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impacts, and promote social responsibility across the air cargo supply chain. Developing long-term strategies and investments to achieve a sustainable industry is the key to ensuring the future of air cargo. This industry is committed to positively impacting both people and the planet while contributing to global prosperity and peace through partnerships within the industry.

A third workshop themed “Training Green Skills for the Logistics Workforce – Effective Linkage with ESG” will take place on August 3. This event will serve as a gathering point for industry leaders, academics, and practitioners alike, converging to explore the critical intersection of green skills training and the imperative of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration. Through dynamic discourse and strategic collaboration, attendees will pave the way for a greener, more resilient future in logistics, underlining its indispensable role in sustainable development agendas.

The VILOG 2024 will be held concurrently with the esteemed 22nd International Medical, Hospital and Pharmaceutical Exhibition (Vietnam Medipharm Expo). This exciting intersection presents unique opportunities for synergy and collaboration within Vietnam’s developing trade landscape.

Logistics companies will have the opportunity to engage with potential customers within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. By showcasing their expertise in logistics and supply chain management, these enterprises can establish valuable connections and partnerships with medical institutions, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies seeking reliable logistics solutions.

At the same time, through interactions with logistics experts and exhibitors, pharmaceutical companies can explore innovative strategies and technologies to optimise their supply chain processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure seamless delivery of vital medical products.

This symbiotic relationship between the two exhibitions will not only facilitate business networking, but also foster collaboration and innovation at the intersection of healthcare and logistics, ultimately driving growth and advancement within both industries.

At a seminar held on May 14 to announce VILOG 2024, experts and businesses agreed that green logistics is an important standard that enterprises need to implement to fulfill this strategy effectively.

Dao Trong Khoa, permanent vice president of the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA), emphasised, “In the current context, if enterprises do not quickly and immediately implement steps for greening the logistics industry, in the future, they will encounter many difficulties, gradually being eliminated from domestic and global business, trade, and import-export activities.”

Tran Thanh Hai, deputy director general of the Agency of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming event. He added, “The Vietnam International Logistics Exhibition 2024 represents a pivotal moment for the industry to come together and chart a course towards a more sustainable future. By highlighting the importance of green logistics as the foundation for sustainable development, we aim to inspire meaningful dialogue, forge partnerships, and accelerate the adoption of environmentally responsible practices.”

The VILOG 2024 2024 will be co-oganised by the VLA and Vinexad Company with support from the Agency of Foreign Trade.

In 2023, the success of the first exhibition was demonstrated by the presence of nearly 25,000 visitors and the number of quality transactions agreed among participants throughout the whole three exhibition days. The event marked a crucial stride in Vietnam’s international integration journey for its logistics industry.